ASARECA embraces FAO partnership to provide leadership in fighting FAW

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Delegates at the Fall Army Worm Conference in Entebbe

ASARECA Interim Executive Secretary, Dr. Cyprian Ebong, has welcomed collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to provide leadership to African countries by coordinating efforts to fight the Fall Army Worm (FAW).

Dr. Ebong said several institutions in the region including FAO, CIMMYT, AGRA, ICRISAT and AATF have expressed the desire to mobilize a collective set of actions to respond to the invasion by the Fall Army Worm.

“As the umbrella body of the National Agricultural Research Systems in Eastern and Central Africa, ASARECA has the mandate of the national agricultural research systems to coordinate the deployment of efforts in providing solutions to the threat,” said Dr. Ebong. ASARECA, therefore, appreciates the proactive initiative of FAO to contribute to ASARECA’s cause, thus catalyzing the organization’s capacity and complementing the Multi-Donor Trust Fund in convening the FAW workshop.

ASARECA’s  new strategy demands that the institution has a responsibility of convening, coordinating, and brokering partnership to provide solutions to current and emerging challenges to food security, as well as job and wealth creation in the ECA sub-region.

Dr. Ebong noted that ASARECA needs to develop the capacity to forecast the magnitude of regional challenges to inform advance efforts to intervene.


Date Published: 
Tuesday, 19 September 2017