You are welcome to a new ASARECA experience

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You are welcome to a new ASARECA experience

Dear esteemed ASARECA partners of all categories,

Today, June 16, ASARECA has launched a new ASARECA website, which responds to the dynamic agricultural research and development environment. The new site is meant to ensure that the institution is at par with current trends, while interactingwith its stakeholders.

The site is intended to facilitate the implementation of one of ASARECA’s function as a sub-regional hub of knowledge and information. Enormous amounts of knowledge and information have over the last 20 years been generated in ASARECA supported work in the sub-region. This knowledge needs to be shared and put into use to change livelihoods.

Interim ASARECA Executive Secretary Prof. Francis Wachira

Among other things, the repositories and blogs in the new site will make available information of on policies and technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPS), and information on market dynamics to stimulate commercialization of agriculture. To ensure easy access, dynamic learning and sharing, all content on the new website is updated with web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies such as Facebook, Twitter etc; which as you know, are now entrenched in the way work is done in the development domain.

The new website comes with a powerful visual appeal and optimal viewing and interaction experience to facilitate the use of mobile technology for disseminationof AR4D innovations. This includes easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, auto re-formatting and scrolling across a wide range of devices such as desktop computer monitors, mobile phones and tablets. Through an entrenched web 3 support, the new site will provide ASARECA and partners a marginal propensity to discover interrelated content. This is critical to ASARECA as an organization based on partnerships and as a KI-Hub.

To ensure a total experience, the new site comes with a rich media support function powered by HTML5. Among other things, you will be able to watch a YouTube video or listen to an audio message without downloading plug-ins. As it is, the list of benefits is long. You are welcome to share a new ASARECA experience!


Prof. Francis, Wachira,

Interim Executive Secretary, ASARECA


Date Published: 
Friday, 24 July 2015