Gender responsive participatory variety selection protocol

 Gender responsive participatory variety selection protocol


 Gender responsive participatory variety selection protocol: Understanding men and women’s preferences in the Zombo highland cassava breeding trials

Information on managing Plant, Human, Animal and Environmental health

A source of practical information on managing Plant, Human, Animal and Environmental health
It is a great resource of scientifically and practically sound information for strengthening sustainable development of farmers and rural communities in Africa by allowing them to access, use and share information developed in the 4-H (Plant, Human, Animal and Environmental health) areas. 

Policy brief: Wildlife and livestock need each other for prosperity

The case study on Tarangire Ecosystem, Tanzania, points to the positive feedback between pastoralism and biodiversity conservation and how land use changes and investment options can either drive to sustainable income for local population or to poverty, lalck of options and immigration.

Policy brief: Payment for wildlife conservation in the Maasai Mara Ecosystem

The case study on the Mara ecosystem shows how biodiversity can be incorporated into Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes that favour local communities. Conservancy models replicated around Maasai Mara National Reserve provide direct income or social services to local pastoralists.

Policy brief: Drylands Development, Pastoralism and Biodiversity Conservation in Eastern Africa .

The regional policy note shows how investment in drylands has to take into account the potential for complimentary uses that can increase the income of local inhabitants of drylands beyond the revenues of a single undertaking. Activities that allow for other compatible uses are also the ones that provide a higher value in terms of biodiveristy conservation and long term sustainability.

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