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ASARECA Sets Stage For New Research Projects

ASARECA Sets Stage For New Research Projects

During its first Operational Plan (OP1 2008– 2013), ASARECA scored remarkable achievements in transforming agriculture to improve livelihoods in the region. After receiving approval from development partners including the European Union, USAID East Africa, Swedish International Development Agency and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, ASARECA plans to build on successes from the just concluded first Operational Plan (OP I) by commissioning projects to scale out the successes.

Agriforum Newsletter - November 2013 Issue

In this issue: A big thank you to all ASARECA development partners; Innovations that yield higher incomes; We want more private sector - stakeholders tell ASARECA; Smallholder farmrs embrace commercial AIV farming; Rwandan youth embrace farming for the market; Counting the gains from water and soil management innovations in Eastern and Central Africa; Farmers benefitting from weather forecasts; and many more.

Agriforum Newsletter - May 2013 Issue

In this issue: ASARECA gets new Executive Director; Controlling the deadly banana wilt disease; Promoting banana juice processing innovations; Ensuring that livestock gets adequate feeding even in drought; Empowering farmers to effectively respond to climate change; Promoting sorghum- legume interaction for better yields; Takin the fight against Striga a notch higher; Investing in pearl millet; Burundi research gets injection of young well scientists -

Agriforum Newsletter - November 2012 Issue

In this issue: Making good out of climate change; Pen-size kit to check epilepsy; Four Striga resistant sorghum varieties released; Quality protein maize spreads in Democratic republic of Congo; Rwanda deploys SCARDA scientists to drive strategic research; Experts share lessons on technology dissemination

Agriforum Newsletter - November 2011 Issue

In this issue: Launch of 1st ASARECA General Assembly; Improving indegenous vegitables to boost incomes; Processing dry amaranth leaves; The darling orange flesh sweet potato; Livestock feed information; and many more.

Agriforum Newsletter - May 2010 Issue

In this issue: QPM the crop of hope; practical experiences from doctors of the soil; Stop Cassava brown streak disease; The promise of high value non-staple crops.

Agriforum Newsletter - May 2012 Issue

In this issue

Eyes on drought tolerant maize:The announcement at the close of 2011 of the successful transformation of nine transgenic maize lines by scientists supported by ASARECA has generated excitement across the continent. Plants transformed with drought tolerance genes, show more tolerance to water shortage. Some of the genes once incorporated into the maize genome, are capable of helping maize to return to full recovery after completely drying up; Climate smart initiatives; Call for more relevant agricultural institutions

Agriforum Newsletter - November 2010 Issue

In this Issue: Boosting capacity for research; EAAPP: The big push for rice, wheat, cassava, dairy; The longer it climbs, the more beans; Scientists list milestones in fight against striga; Cassava, potato playing-field, benefits set to expand; A basket of goods from Napier project; How ENDIISA, a computer-based decision support tool for feeding dairy cattle, is set to change livestock productivity; Orange-fleshed sweet potato – the darling potato; ASARECA book shelf.

Agriforum Newsletter - May 2011 Issue

In this issue: Livestock and crops the excellent mix; Involve farmers in research—minister urges EAAPP scientists; Fruits and vegetables for the whole year; Harmonized seed policies begin to bear fruit; Xanthomonas wilt, the banana enemy confirmed in Burundi Research update; Gender mainstreaming in agriculture is an urgent call; People and their surrounding; ASARECA senior managers and heads of programmes and units; ASARECA book shelf.

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